The people ...

In total there were around 400 people visiting us this weekend, and it got rather crowded in the evenings and into the nights.  
Per Urban
Per from Urban MC and his old lady had a good time on the tram. He took a lot of the pictures at the party. Some of them are used on this site.
Flaming hat
Later on friday the party was at, and around the clubhouse. Webmaster (or webclown ?) with his partyhat. Svenne really digs it, but Gombal (Ronald) prefers his normal hat.
Kurt Brevik
Our good friend Kurt Brevik had a shirt which matched the hat.
Gard med hatt
Gard liked the hat, too. This hat seemed to be very popular.
Into the woods
Some of our friends from Twin Club found a bench placed into the bushes. They really liked the norwegian beer.
On saturday it was time for a relaxing conversation. Something we have forgot? Any ideas ?
Per Jan and Hilde
Hilde and Per Jan seems rather satisfied ...
Cola Kåre
Cola Kåre from Highwaymen MC rode over the mountains from Bergen to Oslo. He has a really cool Panhead chopper with the smallest and most special frontfender I've ever seen ! Bergen, however, is very rainy.
Hansa from Winos Crew Norway (ex. Boozefighters MC) checks out the bikes at the Chopper Show. The Winos Crew colors are green and white, so the colors of the partytent should suit him fine, or ... ?
Do we have fun? Yes Sir !!!
Stefan and Danne
More swedes. Stefan, prez. of Bengalos MC in Uddevalla, and Danne from Oilswamp MC Kungälv told us they really enjoyed the party. By the way, why not visit Bengalos' annual Bike Show in july !
There's always time for a good conversation, and some more beers, of course.
Got ya ! Odie also took a lot pictures which are used here. So webmaster took a picure of him, taking a photo of Trond's XL-racer. You can see that picture under "Bikes".
Putte has been around with his flat-black Shovel for many years now. He is a longtime member of Hagalaz MC Oslo which we, together, arrange the annual Oslo Open MC Show.
Arne, Kicki and Svenne
Arne had a nice talk with our good swedish friends Kicki and Svenne.
Gallon Mce
You always meet someone to chat with on a party. Maybe they talked about Gallon MC's annual hillclimb-arrangement?
Eivind and Unni
Eivind and Unni enjoying the music, like the rest of the audience.
Good vibrations
Jenny, Ola, Hilde and Håkan have some good vibrations here.
Per Jan and Hilde
Peter seems rather busy herewith a bottle in his hands. Both Hydra MC and Rulpers MC-members came and went because members in both clubs were married this weekend.
Twin Club MC
Sampan, Butchen and Håkan from Twin Club cooled down in our welding-room in the basement. A rather peaceful place compared to the party outside.
Taurus MC
Taurus MC from Oslo were among the visitors at the party.
Leif from Mothers Freaks, came up from Gothenburg, Sweden, to join the party. They and Nord-Odal MCK were among those clubs who gave us presents.
Butchen - have you seen some beautiful babes around here ?
Sunday afternoon. Are we satisfied with this weekend ? YES !!!