Our bikes

Here are pixs of some of our bikes, and later some of our projectbikes will also come here.
The main issue for a BIKErclub is of course their bikes - hence the name!

Most of our bikes are choppers or customized, in one way or another.

Some bikes ...

Some of our bikes a few years ago in front of our former club-house. (RIP!)

Arne is building another new bike from a wreck, and his daily rider is nothing for this page, he says ....

Lars H-D

Lars newly sold bobber. He also has another Shovelchopper under construction.

Hennings H-D

Hennings chopper. Bought a former show-winner late 2006, the bike was torn apart, changed some details and repainted by himself.

Kjells H-D

Kjells Panhead 2007 - new bigger Panhead engine and 6 speed gearbox for those long and fast tours.

Per Jans Sportster

Per Jans old ride - an Evo Sportster bought from his clubmates at Custom Service - and rebuilt afterwards.
He now rides both an orange H-D Bagger and his "old" Triumph triple.

Johns H-D

John/Johnnas Evo since 1983. He has another 4 Harleys/projects and some amcars.
All of them need some more tender, care & love. But time ...

Simens H-D

This a memory of Simens Shovelhead which is sold. He is planning a new project.

Lars H-D

Eivinds shovelchopper built by Lars. Eivind also has 2 daily riders, a Triumph and a Twin Cam, but no car!.

Henriks H-D

Henriks enormous thing from the "Factory". After a serious car-accident some years ago he needs
such a comfortable two-wheeled (I think? :-) sofa like this if he want to travel painless more than an hour or so.

Franz project

Franz is working on a long Shovel chopper. On the road 2015?

Arild EvoChop

Arild has a nice Evo chopper and is planning building another chopper.

Friends who rents working-space in our clubhouse ...

Sven Eriks honda

Sven Erik has a H-D WL 750 and 2 Honda 750 choppers. Common choppers in the "good old days" but now more a Dare To Be Different bike nowadays when "everyone" rides a Harley.