Born to be Mild?

Company MC was founded in august 1983. This makes us the oldest bikerclub in Oslo. The main interest was, and is, custombuilt motorcycles, mainly old style, or swedish style, choppers. Not necessarily Harleys. The name of the club is also important. It reflects a friendly profile.

Company MC and Hagalaz MC arranged in may 1998 for the first time, Oslo Open, later named Oslo Open MC Show. The club has a long tradition in similar co-operation arrangements. Between 1990 to 2000 we, Hawgs MC, 1 Percenters MC and Nord-Odal MCK arranged Mjøsa Rundt Poker Run (a tour around Mjøsa - Norways biggest lake) which ended up at the campsite of Hawgs MC with bikes, booze, babes and bands. This kind of arrangement shows the spirit of the club, with friendship and cooperation among bikerclubs and bikers. Our previous X-mas partys were also popular, starting out in a hired-in tram touring around in the city of Oslo. As a neutral and independent club we invited every bikerclub, but it came to an end when the disagreement started between some clubs in Scandinavia.


The roots of the club goes back to 1976 when John Lillegård (Johnna) became a friend of, and later a member of Carolina MC in Stockholm, Sweden. Travelling back and forth from Oslo made him tired out, and the chapter Carolina MC Oslo was started in 1979 (Scandinavias first international club?), which after some time changed name to Customizers MC Oslo. There were very few other bikerclubs in Norway at that time. The Customizer-name was chosen because of the interest in custombuilt bikes and choppers - before commercial interest started calling massproduced standardbikes for custombikes and choppers. In 1980 we got a clubhouse at Økern in Oslo, when Gard Solberg also joined in as a member. In august 1983 the clubname was abandoned and the club was split in two - Company MC Oslo and Rabies MC Oslo (later Bandidos MC, and some members to Hells Angels MC).

The first years our primitive clubhouse was located at Bekkelaget close to Mosseveien in the south-eastern part of Oslo. In 1987 we moved in to a new clubhouse, where we still resides. It's still located at Mosseveien, in an old residence from the 1880's, in the Old Town (Gamlebyen) much closer to the central parts of Oslo, with a nice view over Oslo. The club still has the same spirit, and keeps on building bikes, enjoy heavy partying, riding to rallies and gatherings, visiting friends, and keeps a more or less nice attitude. Usually there are people in the clubhouse most of the time, espescially in the weekends and at wednesdays, when most of the members shows up. That day has become a tradition since 1980.


Some of us have been members of this, or other bikerclubs for a long time - and old guys like to memorize. Therefore we have a weakness for that good ol' chopper with rigid frame, long forks and a classic look. Design and a cool look is more important than expensive parts and super details. It's what the bikeowner himself can, and want to do himself which is important, not his money.

That's the reason for starting up MER (Motorcycle Estethic Council / Motorsykkel Estetisk Råd), after lots of beers. They have now been active for some years as judges at some bikeshows. Design and technical solutions are the main issues here.
Our main interest is motorcycles, and we think that our roads are wide enough for all kinds of bikers. Therefore we and 5 other clubs declared to be neutral and independent in the conflicts which arouse between some clubs in the nineties.
In the second half of the eighties the club got a flat structure - no prez, only a treasurer. One man one vote. This mix between democraty and anarchy has worked well. A number of the members have been active for a long time in other bikerorganizations, especially in H-DOCN, NFSOK and NMCU.
We have members in the age of the thirties, forties and fifties. Some attempts of hell-raising has faded away with the age, but we still like to Rock & Roll, party and ride rough & tough bikes.