Welcome to Company MC Oslo - Norway

Hi ! And welcome to our homepage. It is under constant (re)construction (like everything else on the web ...). According to the statistics the old one at Chopperweb were visited more than 25.000 times, but here we will show you more of who we are, what we do and what we like.

New clubhouse
  (21 february 2016)  

Our new clubplace is now up and running, more or less ... See menu "Where are we?" to find us.
Oh yes ! This website needs more updated info - which will end up here hopefully before we all are dead and buried. ;-)

Company MC is a free, independent and anti-authoritary bikerclub of the old school. Our focus on choppers and custombuilt bikes makes us even more interested in our club, which is a place to share a common interest not only when we rides our bikes, but also in the wintertime when we work on our bikes, or relax, or party, or have visitors, or ...

Check out the Photogallery-link at left. It has a lot of pictures and text from the Conan Swap Meet in january, and the MC-Messe Party in february - both in 2004.
Our main event was Oslo Open MC Show which had it's own site. We do not know if it will be more arrangements ...
All members in front of our clubhouse in may 2016. CMC was established in 1983.