And here we are:


Eivind Eivind has a modern Triumph, a newer Twin Cam and a cool shovelhead chopper - and he doesn't own a car!.
Member since the late nineties.

Arne Arne, a former member of Rulpers Hog MC, became a member in the late eighties. He was the owner of Custom Service also known for building custom bikes and choppers but now works for Lazy Boyz. For some years he also worked for Harley-Davidson Owners club Norway.

Kjell Kjell is our Panhead-Man travelling around with his classic chopper. He showed up in the late nineties, and stayed with us since then.

Henrik Henrik is the multimedia-man and he can fix everything. He showed up in the late eighties and after some years he became a member. He has a tuned up Electra but is slowly working on the next project. You will probably never see more cubics in another H-D type engine than this one. There is only one other in the world of the same type, but that has one has "only" one carburator ...

Per Jan Per Jan, a former member of 1 Percenters of Norway, became a member in the late eighties. He's been into modified bikes since the mid-seventies, but likes fast bikes with good handling. Most of his bikes have been modified in an estethically suberb way. (Pix by Trond)

Lars Lars is a former longtime-member of Nord-Odal MCK but rented some space in our clubhouse for his bikes before he decided to switch over to Company MC. He has built a lot of bikes through the years, sold them and builds new ones. He worked together with Arne at Custom Service. (Pix by Trond)

Knut Simen is the youngest one. A familyman who used to ride a stroked Shovel - he likes speed but is now looking for a new project. He's been with us since the last part of the nineties.
Henning Henning became a member in 2007, after the usual 2 years of hang-around and prospect-time. His customized FXR was sold and been replaced by a Evo chopper he bought - tore apart and rebuilt and rides a lot. (Pix by Trond)

Jørn Jørn is back again as a member as of 2014. He is a former member of Company MC from mid-eighties to mid-nineties. He now rides one of them Evo Sportster, which might be customized or maybe a chopper some years from now. Who knows ? Way back he was working within NFSOK.

Knut Our next newest member in the club, from june 2014 is Franz. He really loves good ol' choppers and is building his Wide Glide into a classic one with rigid frame and very long front end. Watch out !

Knut Arild is our newest member. He has 2 Harleys one of them a very nice chopper and is now building another one, too. He is a former member of Postgarasjen MC


John John aka. Johnna, has been around since the start of Company MC, and before that the start of Customizers MC Oslo, and before that the start of Carolina MC Oslo, and before that Carolina MC Stockholm since the mid seventies. Also the webmaster (master ???) of this site and other sites, most known is Chopperweb. Way too many projects and engaged in too much stuff related to choppers, so there's hardly time to build bikes and ride them. He has been working for legalizing choppers in Norway since 1981 within NFSOK, and Norsk Motorcykel Union and the founding father of Harley-Davidson Owners club Norway. Married and the generation below and above takes most of/the rest of his time. Too much to do, so he hopes to live for another 200 years, and then keep on doing the same stuff in his next reincarnation. 5 Harleys in different shapes from basket cases and up to runners, and also some amcars hidden in a garage.


Just hanging around: 

Sven Erik Sven Erik has had a work bench for his bikes in our club house for some years now. He has 2 Honda choppers, an XLCH Ironhead, a 750 WL Flathead, a trial bike - and a monkey bike !