What's new? / Hva er endret?

       16/5: A new picture of all members, and removed info. about our old clubhouse on the same page.
       22/2: Updated with some info. on the mainpage. A new member is added.
       18/1: Updated with info. about our new address and a new prospect. The Bikes section is also refreshed, and more will come...
       24/4: Updated with link to support us with an new clubhouse Facebookpage and a new member..
       12/8: Updated with link to our Facebookpage and the bands playing on our 30 years party.
       24/7: Swapping over to a new webmaster in 2009 did not work out too well so far, so the old one has made some updates, among them the Members-page, status about the clubhouse (only in norwegian) and info about our coming 30 years party.
         ???: Very minor changes.
         7/9: Link to a TV-program with Gards artistery on the Activities-page.
         1/3: Information about Gard and Johns seminar about choppers at the bi-annual bike Expo / MC Messen, and the Parties-page.
        10/1: Updated the info-page about Conan swap meet 2009 and the Parties-page.
      25/11: Updated the info-page about Conan swap meet 2009 and the Parties-page.
       26/9: New picture of Eivinds Triumph and a new picture of Knut.
         7/9: Updated the Bikes-page with new pictures of Per Jan, Lars, Gard, Simen and Sven Eriks bikes. Updated the Member-page, text on the Mainpage and the Links-page.
      23/10: Updated Links. New pictures of Per Jan, Lars, Arne and Tronds bikes. Some updates on them Member-page. Henning new member.
         4/6: Status-info about our clubhouse. New pictures of Kjell and Hennings bikes.
         2/2: Updated the Members and Parties-section.
       24/9: Updated Members and Bike-section with some new pictures and Activities-page, also with text.
       31/8: Published a link to opprop.no for visitors to sign up their suppport to us and our clubhouse. Updated the Bikes-page again and corrected some code which the Firefox-browser didn't accept.
       24/8: Updated the Bikes, Members and Clubhouse-pages with more info. Close to 33.033 visitors when the site was updated yesterday.
       23/8: This page is new today, so a lot of other changes haven't been published before. Also a new frontpage, new design, added activities, clubhouse, members and bike info plus more. This is the biggest change through the last years. More to come...
       ??? some changes through the years but not documented here.
     28/11: Site created 20. april 2002 ©
Before this site was created there was a separate page for Company MC as a part of Chopperweb. It's the same webmaster for both sites.